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writing exercises

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Your writing is a reflection of your mind and personality. It allows readers assess to your innermost thoughts.
Before extending them this invitation into your private zone, you need to be confident of your writing skills. It takes a lot of courage to let your thoughts flow on paper and to let others read it.
Writing is an art like music, sports etc., that you can easily improve upon through repeated practice. You can develop your writing skill by:

  • Writing freely for at least 10 minutes every morning
  • Giving yourself different writing exercises on different topics to develop your creative muscle and a versatile style of writing
  • Working and re-working elements that you find challenging or difficult
  • Starting with writing your weekly blog posts
  • Writing about anything that inspires or motivates you

In addition, read up everything you can on the subject that you wish to write about. That will make you perfect, when you are ready to write.
Try to tap all information sources – offline as well as online, you never know where you might stumble upon a gem.