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Although eBay businesses are the commonest online enterprises, running this business is a very different ball game altogether.
First thing first – you’ve got to understand your business, your product, your service and your customer. It’s not just selling; you have to go to the car boot sales and the auctions. EBay is so much customer-driven, that unless you provide the best in class service to your prospect, you will not close any sales, no matter how hard you try. Successfully selling on eBay requires much more than just plugging a photo and some text into anybody’s listing software with any old template. There are many factors you need to consider and plan well ahead. Who are you? What do you sell, where, and for how much? Why should shoppers buy from you rather than your competition? What makes you special? How do your shoppers find out about you and your product?
Lewis Philips’ Karma Manifesto will answer all these questions and more.