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It’s common knowledge that users are more likely to buy from companies who engage with them on a regular basis. A targeted email campaign is one tried and tested means of doing that.
Market research company, e-Circle recently conducted a study to gauge the effectiveness of email marketing vis-a-vis display advertising and discovered that on average, display ads attract one click every 1000 impressions, whereas email advertisements get around 200 impressions! People use emails as a personal way to keep in touch. While social media platforms help in selling a product through their respective branding pages, email marketing is the channel that actually closes a deal and brings in the revenue.
Most revenue channels such as Paypal, online banking and shopping carts have their email addresses. People feel more secure sharing important bit of information over email than any other media in vogue today.

One survey commissioned by Two Sides, a non-profit organisation found that 70% of Americans (including 69% of 18 to 24 year olds) prefer to read print and paper communications rather than reading off a screen.
This implies that you can club emails to direct mail leads in order to improve your response. In order to avoid being trashed, focus on the subject line – that’s as important as the headline of a news report. Make it attention-grabbing.
Next, polish your copy, the design, and how your output (print) your marketing message. A clear-cut, focused, and targeted approach can guarantee good results from your email campaigns.
A well-constructed, personalized email request that reflects professionalism, genuine interest and good grammar is far more likely to gain a positive response. Do take care over the frequency of emails and virals or your brand could become more of a nuisance
Gone are the days when email was thought of a quick and cheap channel to market. Email can now work wonders for a business if marketers take the time to plan the campaign; segment the data and plan a sequence of communication depending on the customer actions. The most important factors to consider are audience selection, value proposition, content strategy and the creative.