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Diligent research will add meat to the bare bones of your ebook.
A book of value will sell to a bigger audience and last on the shelves for a long time to come. Presumably, you already know your subject well and you have tons of experience in your field. So, you may think – why waste your time researching a subject that you already know so well? Well, why indeed?
Because your ebook, whether it’s your first or one in a long series is a personal branding tool. Your reputation as a domain expert rests on it. It depends upon how well you share your expertise with your readers. Can they trust you to shell out reliable, valuable, insightful information to them that they cannot easily find from any other source?
Can you live up to that expectation?
With research you can. Research is both quality control and risk management tool. Your research will answer the following questions.

  • Is all the information in my eBook accurate?
  • Is it current and complete?
  • Is it interesting and useful to my readers?

Think of what you are going to write from things happening around you; from what you know and care about. It doesn’t matter what kind of book you eventually decide to write. There are no rules other than the single most important rule – your story must be gripping and engaging. Period.
Beyond that it can be a satire, a drama, romantic fiction – whatever genre it may fall under – it must, first and foremost be a gripping tale that readers want to bite and buy into.
Take inspiration from your favorite book. Read it a few times to understand the author’s style, quality and based on your assessment, draw up action sheets on what would be your strategy. Pin it over your writing desk.

There is a Chinese proverb that loosely translates into “no amount of gold can buy you time.” Like sand dripping from the hourglass, time ticks away regardless of what use you make of it. Then why is time management important? Because it’s a limited resource. Time, once lost, cannot be summoned back.
But you can capture this precious resource in the pages of an eBook. Commit your memory to an e-book, jotting down vivid fragments of your thoughts and ideas in a journal that can later be strung together into an ebook. Accomplish this task in a well-sorted, timely manner.
A proper management of this resource will help:

  • In sparking your creativity
  • Boosting your productivity
  • Meeting your professional commitments
  • Remembering to finish important tasks and
  • Meeting difficult deadlines

Be prudent with the use of this resource. Set a to-do, priority list. Try and finish the most important tasks first, before moving down the list to accomplish the lesser tasks. Follow the Pareto (80:20) principle – commit 80% of your time to 20% tasks that are most important. With this in place, you can apportion your time in a focused, effective and stress-free manner, achieving those goals, dreams and ambitions that you care about the most.
Knowing how much time you have to devote to each task is extremely important to get quality work done.
You may not realize this but each one of us has peak performance periods when we are at our creative best. Smart authors know their peak performance period and they try to get the maximum work accomplished within this time frame. It’s a great way to overcome writer’s block and roll out finished projects for the market, besides having little or no downtime to procrastinate.
Flip out an exercise book and write down your goal, “I will write my e-book in ten days.” Read out your goal aloud every morning till it becomes a command that you cannot possibly disobey. Imagery is a powerful motivator. Use it to motivate yourself. Visualize yourself as a celebrated author and very soon your dream will turn out to be a reality.