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customer demographics

According to the biggest online video-sharing site in the world, YouTube, the third wave of television is an unstoppable force that will very soon give traditional TV a run for its money!
Coca-Cola kick-started a virtual revolution when it invited people to make their own Coke ads and bung those on YouTube. The user-generated ads drew ten times more response! In a world where marketing opportunities abound, savvy entrepreneurs are always looking for newer ways of promoting their business. Choosing between television, newspaper, magazine, and online marketing can be a difficult and expensive decision. At present, digital is the cheapest and the most measurable medium that in addition, also yields a lot of data on customer demographics.  YouTube videos are not just free, easy to use, and have the potential to reach 20 million customers each month, it also helps you build and establish a strong online video community among your brand loyalists.
According to one Cisco study, videos have a 41 per cent higher click-through rate than plain text content. By 2013, 90 per cent of Internet traffic is expected to be video.