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Your style reflects your authentic voice. It must bear your signature style.  Just as a playback singer trains to develop a unique, style of his own, a writer must practice to develop and deliver a unique writing style. Think Charles Dickens, Dan Brown, Wilber Smith … each had a ‘voice’ different from the other and they managed to develop this into their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). After all, sameness doesn’t sell; differentiation does.
Adopt a casual, conversational tone rather than a formal, still distant tone as in a textbook diction. While flipping through the pages of your ebook, readers must feel they are actively engaged in a conversation with you. Break up the length and structure of your sentences so you don’t stump them with heavy-duty, convoluted structuring, or lull them into sleep. A good ebook should read like a series of blog posts. The content must be rich and insightful, so they can’t wait to read more and share it with their friends and colleagues. The language, the tone you choose must succeed in establishing a direct, easy and lasting rapport with your readers.

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